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Hi, I’m Leigh
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I can’t think of anyone better suited (to this doula work) … with your personality and your skills and your values.

Maggie - Bellingen, NSW

Shared joy is double joy, shared sorrow is half sorrow.
– Swedish proverb

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Public speaking or death, which do you fear most ?

It is said that our greatest fears in life are public speaking and death, if you have ever thought you'd rather die than speak in public you are not alone. Jerry Seinfeld's comment that people would rather be in the coffin that give the eulogy rings pretty true for...

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What does it mean to Live and Die Well?

How we live is totally up to each and every one of us, which naturally will be influenced by many, many things. Our culture, family, history, experiences, health, the attitude and values we develop and the connections we make are just a few of the things that impact...

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Inspirational Words

Are you a person that likes or dislikes an inspirational quote? I’m generally not a person that goes for these, or to have affirmations written up reminding me to show up and be thankful for my life. I do have other ways to acknowledge this and I love it when I have...

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What is a Doula?

What is a doula ? Doula is a Greek work which translates to “woman servant”. Going back a century it was the “doula”, a wise woman of the village that supported women in having babies and people dying. The emergence of birthing doulas in Australia came about in the...

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10 questions to ask yourself and your loved one

    10 questions to ask yourself and your loved ones Do you know what you want and don’t want at end of life? Would you like to be informed and confident in making legal and practical end of life decisions while not being overwhelmed with emotions? Are you...

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