Here you’ll find a list of resources and links to further information to get you started.



The GroundSwell Project – Has a vision is that when someone is dying, caring or grieving, we all know what to do.

NDAN – Natural Death Advocacy Network – empowering choice at end of life.

Excellent Australian site covering EOL

Australian Doula College – oversees the training and support of doulas in Australia

Preparing The Way – Educator for End of life Doulas

The Natural Death Care Centre – Celebrating Death & Life

Jumave – A new holistic approach to death & dying in your community

You nTaboo – Facilitating community awareness around death, dying and support for family-led funerals

Dying Matters – A UK site that has some interesting content raising awareness of dying, death and bereavement

The conversation project – A site in the USA that is dedicated to helping people talk about their wishes and end of life care

Example of simple worksheets (USA)

Advance care planning

Useful sites to learn about Advance Care Planning around the medical care you do or dont want in the future.

Links I like and you may too

About what an End of Life or Death Doula does

ABC Life Matters – How to die well and live a good life until the end

Sydney Morning Herald – Most Australians are rubbish at dying