Planning ahead

Walking and talking you through the choices, decision and options

When my sister was killed she had some things in place which was quite surprising for a person so young.  These things were extremely helpful for those of us trying to navigate our loss but today I still wonder if we really honoured her as well as we could have. I can help but think had conversations about death taken place more of her thoughts and wishes may have been documented and the impact of her death and how her life was celebrated may have been different.

As a doula I can sit with you and/or your family members to help identify what you want in place to live well. Planning services covers the practical, emotional and spiritual aspects of end of life and may include discussing and planning for the following:

  • Medical wishes and advance care planning
  • Getting clear about on-medical wishes
  • Planning for your physical belongings and assets
  • Funeral/life celebration choices
  • Support for loved ones after death

Living well, dying meaningfully

Walking alongside you and having your back

As your doula I have your back, advocating for you to live each day as you choose. Having an independent practical person can share the load while getting practical, emotional and spiritual support.

  • Companion care
  • Talking with family and friends
  • Coordinating your support tribe
  • Knowing what supports and services are available
  • Advocating for your wishes
  • Attending appointments
  • Vigiling – being there for when life ends
  • Funeral/life celebration choices
  • Support for loved ones after death

Pet ageing and loss

Walking your pet home

For many of us our pets are our nearest and dearest beings in the world, they truely offer unconditional love and allow us to shine in our lives. Deep love for a pet can equally mean deep and overwhelming pain when a pet is ageing, sick or at end of life. The grief of loosing a pet is no different (and maybe even deeper) than that of our human loved ones. As with any loss the people around you, those who can support you, hold you hand and hold judgement are vital. Do you have such a person who won’t balk at your pain and vulnerability ? If not, as an animal lover, a person who has been in the depts of loss and grief I can be a supporter for you at this time. There are packages of support available or we can design something designed just for your unique circumstanaces.

How support is provided

Support can be provided remotely via phone/zoom/skype, face to face or a combination of both. 

Other services

Other needs may arise as we work together, I will happily work with you to honour your pet and the unconditional love they provide. This may include finding out about local resources, planning how to celebrate your pets life and identifying keepsakes to remember them.

How to get started.

Let’s start with a  conversation, give me a call on 0423 240 432 – or simply fill in the form below and we can have a chat soon.

From initial conversation I will check back in to see how you are going and look at booking a planning session. At this session we go through your current situation in more depth, work out what it is you may need and for you to get a sense of working with me. From this meeting a plan and initial package of support (hours and tasks) can be drafted and a contract made. This session offers an opportunity to be really heard and clarification of your needs and wants for now or the future.

Sometimes being heard and supported is enough to start this path with, you can always come back to me at another time once more questions or needs arise .

I am here to empower you and your family at this time, to have the ending that is right for you.

                                    – Leigh

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